Argus Editing Service

Our editing services are a top-class service to various discerning clients who need to rely on high quality written material. This includes the following:

Our editing service provides a high degree of wordsmithing and top-quality written expression.

The Scope of Our Services

  • Academic editing – essays, ESL, theses, journal articles, etc.;
  • Legal editing – affidavits, court documents, etc;
  • Commercial editing – tenders, grant applications, etc;
  • Reports – business and technical;
  • Advertising, marketing and promotional material;
  • Books: non-fiction;
  • Job applications, expressions of interest, resumes.

Nature of the Services

These services will have regard to a comprehensive regime of writing including the following aspects of writing in particular:

  • Vocabulary – word choice;
  • Grammar and
  • Spelling – British/Australian or American;
  • Style – referencing, abbreviations and punctuation;
  • Efficiency of word use-age – conciseness;
  • Expression of ideas, logic and clarity;
  • The integrity and internal consistency of the document;
  • Organisation and structure;
  • Simplicity of presentation;
  • Formatting
  • Proof reading