Offering Commercial Writing Solutions To Businesses

With the business spectrum and practices becoming commercialized, it is essential for companies to find alternatives to work with other businesses as well as their employees. Some aspects of running a business can only be achieved through commercial writing. At Argus Editing, we have the proficiency to provide professional commercial writing services Australia based to businesses that are looking for cost-effective options for drafting proposals and bids. The utmost aim of our team is to never overlook content quality so that is one thing you should never worry about.

Why Work With Commercial Writing Experts?

International businesses face difficulties in writing commercial bids, tenders or reports in English. Those small-scale businesses who are facing this dilemma can opt for our professional commercial writing services Australia based and acquire the documentation of bids they are looking to get. You do not have to hire external writers, as it would be a costly option. You can simply work with our commercial writers since they are equipped with the expertise you want for producing documents, bids, reports, and tenders for your business.

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Providing Commercial Writing And Management Services


We are here to assist you in forming, preparing and creating exceptional tender documents that leave behind no detail. Our writing team specializes in various domains of writing and one domain is tender writing and management. We do not only write tenders for our clients instead we even help them manage their documents. The competition is increasing over time, businesses need to acquire good quality contracts and that is where we come into the bigger picture with our tender writing services. Our process of crafting tenders works every time in helping businesses acquire persuasive bids.


Commercial businesses depend upon the buying and selling of goods, products, and services. For that reason, one would need a quality contract or proposal. Negotiating and communicating with the consumers can become arduous if there is no contract between the two. At Argus editing commercial writing services, contract creation and documentation is an integral part of the services we offer. You could need any sort of legal documentation and we will formulate one for you, as our aim is to comply with client requirements with no compromise.


A core part of commercial writing services is advertising. Marketers have to rely on the content on advertising often but it has to be well written or else it will remain purposeless. Without content, any digital advertising strategy will not generate the results you want. At Argus Editing, our aim is to make your advertising better, readable and easily reachable to your audience. We know the importance of writing and with our team of expert editors, writers and proofreaders, your next advertising strategy can be transformed to a greater extent.


Several years of experience has given us the privilege of working with great companies and business owners worldwide. Commercial writing is needed for securing a stance in the realm of marketing. The corporate culture demands extensive reports whenever a business has to form a connection or association with another business or its own customers. Without a comprehensive report for your company, you would not be able to get your message across so for that, you can rely on us.

Here Is How We Can Help You

We have the ways and techniques to create professionally written and curated tenders and proposals for your business. Here is how we do it.

  • Proposals that enhance your business visibility
  • Increment in achieving success for business operations
  • An improved and revamped process of managing documents and bids
  • Cutting down costs on hiring in-house and external workers

How Our Services Benefit Your Business

Financial Success

Businesses are able to save operational costs by outsourcing writers and specialists who can create tender documents and contracts for them. Our managers will monitor all your contracts, reports and advertising content so you do not have to consume any resources from your end. Lastly, only an expert writer can come up with good quality content for the enhancement of your brand’s identity.

Transforming Business Operations

Since none of the resources will be consumed from your business directly, you will be able to utilize these resources in an efficient manner. You can contact our support team any time and they will guide you regarding the resources relevant to your business. Our team will then coordinate with you and provides you with the alternatives that deem fit to your business operations.

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Our Prices

We carry out editing for a range of clients. Our standard rate editing service is a very competitive $60 per 1000 words. This rate may vary depending on the tasks sought of us. Our non-standard editing service can be negotiated by phoning the ordering hotline below.

The usual turn-around time for standard rate is within 72 hours unless otherwise negotiated.

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