At Argus Editing, our services encompass every existing form of writing. Our aim is to help businesses succeed with their business operations but we also possess a flair for book writing. We help novice writers or individuals who do not know how to put forward their thoughts in the form of a compelling book. From the curation of the plot to the book’s characters, our premium books writing services have almost everything you would want to have in your book. You do not have to format the final draft of your book, as our editors will take care of it for you.

The Genres We Offer to Our Clients

Our book writing services currently offer two core types of book genres, fiction, and non-fiction.

Non-Fiction Book Writing

Non-fictional stories are mostly not set in a fictional environment. However, non-fictional content comprises of stories and elements that are based on historical events, facts and attributes that do not have any hints of fictitiousness. For a novice writer, it is challenging to come up with a story that relates to past events and stays true to such occurrences. If you want to convey your thoughts in the form of a diary, memoir, biography or even in a personalized journal and you just cannot seem to find the right words for it, get in touch with our premium books writing services Australia experts.

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Fiction Book Writing

Books need to be influential and if that is something you are looking for then the book writing team at Argus Editing can help you with it. From science fiction to fan fiction, our writers are proficient in writing books that leave the readers intrigued until the end. Fictional stories have been popular for years and if you want to contribute to this genre of writing and you do not have the means to, we can lend you all the support and assistance you need for your book’s creation.

How We Form Your Creative Story

Our premium books writing services Australia based are more than academic writing instead we have encompassed all the creative qualities a book should have. All we need from your end is to provide us with the topic of your story, its genre, the main concept you want your story to have and its core theme. Once we have acquired the information required for your story’s creation, our writing team begins working on your book and submits the final draft to you before the proposed deadline.

What We Guarantee to Our Clients

You can find numerous writing agencies that can create a book for you but we offer more than mere writing services. Our team does not only comprise of highly qualified writers but we also provide our clients with solutions and services that elevate the writing and editing experience for them. Here is how we do it:

100% Distinctive Content

Content for books should always be unique and innovative. That is the notion our team always follows. From a rough story concept, we can extract a full-fledged story and write it from scratch for you. The books we write are free of plagiarism so do not have second thoughts, as we will never compromise on content quality.

Meeting Deadlines

One aspect clients are always hesitant about is the notion of meeting deadlines. To us, your time is as important as it is to you. We categorize our plan and break it into parts for achieving timely delivery of your book.


If your book does not contain original content then avid book readers will never recognize it. We fully understand this notion so we work with you to curate a story that no one has ever read or heard of before.

Multiple Revisions

Once we are done with the creation of your book, we send it to you for a review. Only upon your approval, we proceed to the publishing phase and if you want to make changes to it then we can make the relevant revisions for you.

Submit Your Proposal to Get Started Today

No matter what your requirements or preferences are, we will always pay heed to them and find a feasible solution for your book writing needs. We have worked with passionate individuals who have come up with great stories and our only contribution was to help them compile those ideas in the shape of a book. If your mind is filled with great ideas that can be turned into a noteworthy book, reach out to our professional writers.

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Our Prices

We carry out editing for a range of clients. Our standard rate editing service is a very competitive $60 per 1000 words. This rate may vary depending on the tasks sought of us. Our non-standard editing service can be negotiated by phoning the ordering hotline below.

The usual turn-around time for standard rate is within 72 hours unless otherwise negotiated.

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