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Our main goal is to help students achieve academic success without any hassle. Whether you are looking to have your essay written or you have an application to fill in, you can simply rely on our affordable academic writing services. You should not vex over completing your essay, research paper or thesis on time as Argus Editing is here to assist you with it.

Why Choose Our Academic Writing Services?

We comprise of a team of passionate and talented writers who are well versed in writing content for any topic, essay subject as well as in formatting the content before submission. Since our services are available solely online, you can get in touch with our 24/7 support team and get your message across to us.
No matter where you reside, we provide affordable academic writing services on a global spectrum. Do not fret over that deadline of yours, as we would compile your requirements for you by the given deadline.

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Thesis Writing Service

We know that writing a thesis requires extensive research, time management, and originality. With heaps of work, it might take you months to complete. Our customized thesis papers are written according to your requirements and we make sure not to deviate from the thesis content details provided to us. Once you have submitted your project to us, our team will come up with original content for it and structure your thesis with immaculate formatting. In less than 30 days, your thesis will be delivered to you with a 100% guarantee for confidentiality and anonymity.

Assignment Writing Service

From brief summaries to extensive essays, Argus affordable academic writing services has got everything covered for you. The types of assignments our writers can write are divided into various categories so once you have made up your mind; you can send the details to our team. Our aim is to save the time of our clients by helping them curate quality content. With comprehensive writing services, we fulfill your requirements accurately and submit your assignments to you on time. Do not worry if you are short on time, as our academic writers can compile your assignment and submit it to you on the following day.

You’re Trusted Writing and Editing Service

Our services know no limits as there are absolutely no chances for the unavailability of the services we provide to our clients. We do not like seeing students distressed and that is why you can count on us. From the required resources to the talent needed for compiling academic papers, we are a writing agency that has your every academic need covered.

Having no luck in completing your assignment or thesis paper? We are here to help so get in touch with us today.

Core Features of Our Writing Academic Services

Everything we guarantee for your academic writing needs

Competent Writing Team

We comprise of qualified writers and editors who never falter to work on intricate details of your project and make sure to meet the provided deadline.

Well-Timed Delivery

You do not have to worry about the completion of your assignment, as with not a single deadline missed, we make sure to deliver your order with punctuality and timeliness.

100% Originality

Our team is strictly against plagiarized content so every piece of content we curate, compile and edit for you is 100% original.

Offering 24/7 Support

With 24/7 support, you can get in touch with us regarding your queries any time. Our support facility is always there to assist you with your academic project.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

We believe in the utmost confidentiality of our clients. No matter what your project requirement is, we make sure to keep your personal information and project details confidential and secure at all times.

Our Expert Writers Help You Move Ahead

Our academic writing solutions can apply to every probable query or requirement you could have. From the availability of multiple revisions to the creation of unique content, you do not have to stay behind in your academic endeavors as we craft every possible solution we can come up with for the sake of quality academics. We believe in the utmost contentment of our clients and we will work on your project until we are given approval from your end.

Your Future and Our Services

After you have availed our services and have acquired the results you were expecting from it, we hope to see you become a loyal client of Argus Editing in the long run. No matter what your concerns are and no matter what struggles you are facing, simply contact us and we will lead you to the qualified solution you are looking for.

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Our Prices

We carry out editing for a range of clients. Our standard rate editing service is a very competitive $60 per 1000 words. This rate may vary depending on the tasks sought of us. Our non-standard editing service can be negotiated by phoning the ordering hotline below.

The usual turn-around time for standard rate is within 72 hours unless otherwise negotiated.

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